Krista Hoffman is a licensed Commercial Lines Agent and the VP of Operations at Abide Agency. She is a native of Southwest Florida.

Krista holds a Bachelor’s Degree from FGCU and the distinguished Certified Insurance Counselor designation from the National Alliance.

Her specialties are Commercial Property, Workers Comp & Hard-to-Place Liability insurance for small businesses.

Coming from generations of successful entrepreneurs and investors, she has witnessed first-hand the dreams, sweat, tears, and sacrifice involved in starting and growing a successful business. Everyone sees the nice car or the beautiful home that the “Boss” has, but few see the sleepless nights, 20 hour work days, missed meals and milestones, and personal sacrifices that lead to the success of a successful busines. Business owners have sacrificed everything to build a future for their families and their employees. It is Krista’s honor to work alongside them to protect what they have built.

Krista has helped hundreds of small business owners and investors understand their risks and make insurance decisions that are right for their situation. She enjoys looking at the operations and long term goals of a business and crafting out-of-the-box risk management solutions. Sometimes this includes writing or changing an insurance policy. Other times, these solutions include making small changes that improve safety, protect property and lower premiums.  

Krista’s prior experience as a middle school science teacher and as special education teacher leads her to approach commercial insurance from a different angle than the typical insurance “salesperson”. First, NOTHING scares her! She has seen it all and will meet clients exactly where they are with no judgement. She knows that everyone is doing their best. Second, she doesn’t “sell insurance”. She teaches. Krista has a knack for listening to clients and explaining insurance in a way that is specific to each client. No question is a dumb question to her.

Although her family jokes that she “works all the time”, Krista loves her clients and Abide Agency and sees them as friends and family. To her, “work/life balance” means enjoying both so much that it is hard to tell where one stops and the other starts.


Krista Hoffman VPO  CIC