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General Aggregate: The General Aggregate Limit is the most money the insurer will pay under a certain
coverage for all claims occurring during the policy term.

Premises/Operations:Coverage is provided for damages arising out of ownership or occupancy of the insured
premises when not maintained in a reasonable manner. This also covers damages arising out of operations
performed by the insured business.

Products/Completed Operations: Products coverage is provided for damages arising out of products
manufactured, sold, handled or distributed by the insured. Completed Operations covers damages occurring
after operations have been completed or abandoned, or after an item is installed or built and released for it’s
intended purpose.

Medical Expense Limit:Medical payments coverage pays medical expenses resulting from bodily injury
caused by an accident on premises owned or rented by the insured, or locations next to such property, or
when caused by the insured’s operations. These payments are made without regard to the liability of the

Fire Damage Limit: The fire damage limit provides coverage for fire damage caused by negligence on the part
of the insured to premises rented to the named insured. If a fire occurs because of negligence of the insured
and causes damage to property not rented to the insured, coverage would be provided under the occurrence

Personal Injury: Personal Injury means injury other than bodily injury. Coverage is provided for injury
resulting from offenses such as false arrest, malicious prosecution, detention or imprisonment, the wrongful
entry into, wrongful eviction from and other acts of invasion, or rights of private occupancy of a room.
Coverage for libel and slander is also provided in the policy

Advertising Injury: This coverage pays for damages done in the course of oral or written advertisement that
disparages, libels or slanders a person’s or organization’s goods, products or services. Coverage for these
offenses is provided under advertising injury coverage only if they occur during the course of advertising the
named insured’s own goods, products or services

Each Occurrence: Each occurrence is considered to be an accident, which could include continuous or
repeated exposure to the same harmful conditions. An occurrence can also be a sudden event, or a result of a
long term series of events.

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