There comes a time when you ask yourself what if.  What if I studied harder, got better grades, asked that special person out, worked harder, or took the job that allowed me to be appreciated and if I worked harder to make more money.  Now is that opportunity.  Abide Agency Commercial Insurance Solutions is hiring producers.   Not insurance sellers.  Insurance producers talk to potential clients to help them reduce risk due to a loss, reduce the cost of insurance, and provide security knowing that if a loss occurred there is coverage.  Producers build relationships where they are the client's main person for all commercial insurance needs.    This position is open for Females or Males over 18 years of age with High School Diploma or GED and completing our online profile.
What is required to be a commercial producer? 
You must take and pass an insurance training course that is 200 hours of online instruction and then take and pass the Florida State Exam.  This takes about 8 weeks. 
A Couple of Options to Begin
1.  We will pay you $500 a week for 8 weeks while you study.  However 3 hours a day you will market for Abide Agency by visiting our referral sources and clients and dropping off Agency Information. 
2.  You can pay for the above and we will reimburse you on passing the test.

Once you pass the Florida Insurance test you are able to start receiving commissions.   To help you fast start this process we will pay 70% commission on agency commission for the first 2 months.   During this time, you will also participate in our Abide Agency Training.  This is 40 hours of information that you will use when writing insurance.  The State test deals with regulations and laws.  This Training is practical and deals with the coverage you will be offering. This is 40 hours of training. During this time, you no `longer need to spend 3 hours a day visiting referral sources. Once you complete the training, we will pay you 70% commission for the next 2 months.  After the 70% commission expires the commission rate is 60% for new business.  

How much do Insurance Producers Make?
Entry-level producers make $45,000 to $75,000 the first year while learning.  This is based on commission.  This is where if you produce more you make more comes into play.  
Second Year,  $75,000 to $100,000 as you are now receiving renewal commissions.  40% renewal on the business you wrote that you renewal and 30% commission on the business you wrote that the office renewals.  To receive renewal commission, you must produce $25,000 in new business the previous month.
Third Year Depends on you, you have the residual commission on renewals and the ability to keep writing new business.

Read enough and ready to take the Abide Agency assessment then go to the bottom of the page. 

How to do I find clients?

You let everybody you know understand that you are now a commercial Insurance Producer and ask if they know anybody they can referrer to you. 
You contact everybody you know who has a business and let them know you are now doing Commercial Insurance.
You visit businesses, constructions sites, and hand out your business cards.
You take agency referrals and contact the business to get the information to quote.
There are over 16,039 businesses in just Lee County that need insurance. You will be licensed to do business in Florida.
Every Commercial building needs insurance.

The question is do you want to proceed with this opportunity?   We believe there are three things needed to be successful.  Determination,  Ability, and Organization.  We can teach/provide the Ability and Organization.  The Determination is total you. 

To proceed we would need you to complete our insurance agency profile assessment.
This will take about 45 minutes.  You will need to upload a resume or work history.  When you start the assessment have paper and a calculator to use if needed.  This assessment allows us to determine the areas of training needed and how best to use your current strengths and abilities.  ​

 Producer Assessment Click Here

All You need to Know About

Insurance Agent Pay

​Video Below

Krista Hoffman CIC and VP of Operations and Training. 

As a new insurance agent, there are several questions you may ask your employer to get a better understanding of your role, responsibilities, and the company's operations. Here are some common questions: 

1. What are my specific job duties and responsibilities as an insurance agent? Written Job Descriptions are provided and our Agency Handbook. Expectations are in writing.  
2. What types of insurance products does the company offer?
Abide Agency Primary area is commercial insurance.  Contractors, Business owners, Shopping centers.
3. How does the sales and commission structure work?
Detailed in Handbook. 50%-60% new business and 30%-40% renewal business. 
4. What training and resources will be provided to help me succeed in this role?
Abide Agency provides detailed video training in the 6 main areas of commercial insurance. 
5. Are there any specific targets or sales goals I should aim for?
Yes, Goals will be set based on current production and education.
6. How does the lead generation process work? Will I be provided with leads, or am I expected to find my own clients?
Inhouse leads will be provided but greatest growth comes from finding new clients.
7. Are there any regulations or licensing requirements I need to be aware of to work as an insurance agent? A 220 insurance license is required to receive commission. 
Abide Agency will assist in helping you get this license.
8. What is the process for handling customer inquiries, claims, or complaints?
Based on the level of each the proper person in the agency will handle.
9. Are there any marketing materials or tools available to assist me in promoting insurance products?
Yes our goal is to help you succeed.
10. How does the company support agents in staying up-to-date with industry trends and changes in insurance laws and regulations?
There are multiple notices and podcast that assist in keeping us up to date.
11. Is there room for career advancement within the company or opportunities for professional development?
12. How is performance evaluated, and what are the criteria for success in this role? 
Each individual is evaluated based on their current level of performance and experience.
13. Are there any specific company policies or guidelines I should be aware of as an insurance agent?
All policies and guidelines are in our Employee handbook.
14. How does the company handle customer retention and building long-term relationships with clients?
Abide Agency retention is in the fantastic 90% range. Many clients have been with us for over 15 years. 

The producer assessment is the next step. Please click

​the assessment link to begin.